Executive Summary

Mission Statement

The The Vest endeavours to supply the global market with a safe and easy way to protect workers in a variety of labour intensive industries such as construction.


During regular activities, maintaining proper posture and protecting key areas of the body from stress and shock is essential. While wearing The Vest the user is provided with a safe and comfortable solution that prevents injuries by decreasing the impact of shock from normal activities.

Product Description

In industries that rely heavily on the productivity of labour, worker safety and well being has a direct impact on the bottom line and the future physical wellbeing of the worker.

The Vest provides a simple and effective design to protect workers from injury.

While in use, the The Vest provides support and protection from strain and repetitive injuries.  The built-in shoulder pads in the vest provide cushioning to absorb the impact of shock. Other features of The Vest allow for maintaining high visibility and maintaining proper posture to help further reduce injuries in the workplace.

Intellectual Property Protection

The The Vest is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States & Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.